Monday, January 26, 2015

Noir; The Illumination Paradox Series, Book II by Jacqueline Garlick is Live!

Book Two, The Illumination Paradox Series: A Steampunk Fantasy
by Jacqueline Garlick

With Urlick imprisoned for the murder of Professor Smrt, Eyelet must find her way back through the Infirm-infested woods, to the forbidden city of Brethren, to free Urlick before it’s too late.

Along the way, she elicits the help of Crazy Legs, Urlick’s longtime friend. Together they overthrow a travelling freak show train destined for Brethren, with plans to use it to distract the city, so Urlick can make an escape. But Eyelet is lead astray, when a haunting image from her past appears in an abandoned factory at the edge of town. There she unearths a series of ungodly secrets and soon finds herself, imprisoned.

Will C.L. be able to save them both from their fates?
Or will he too, fall prey to the tyranny of Brethren's newest Ruler?

Rumor has it the Ruler has secrets of her own.
Secrets she’s determined to keep.
Seems an heir may have been overlooked.
The true heir to the Commonwealth throne.

NOIR “…one of the most inventive story worlds I’ve read in years…” Donald Maass, Author of Writing the Breakout Novel…

NOIR: A Steampunk Fantasy Romance Adventure Novel, book two of THE ILLUMINATION PARADOX SERIES. A Science Fiction romp through " of the most inventive story worlds I've read in years..." Donald Maass (Writing the Breakout Novel) featuring contraptions and creatures unique only to Garlick's magical creative fiction. Dark and mysterious, this YA novel reads like the love child of Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow and L. Frank Baum's Wizard of Oz.
Fans of Cassandra Clare's Mortal Instruments Series will enjoy this novel.

Contact Info:

twitter @garlickbooks

Personal Bio:

Jacqueline Garlick is an author of young adult and new adult fiction. She loves strong heroines, despises whiny sidekicks, and adores a good story about a triumphant underdog. (Doesn't everyone?)

Her edgy rule-breaking Tim Burton-esque style of writing has earned her the nickname…the Quentin Tarantino of YA…among writing friends.  She loves to read, write, and paint (both on walls and on paper) and has a love/hate relationship with chocolate, grammar, and technology. You will always find a purple wall in her house (currently her writing room), and there may or may not be a hidden passageway that leads to a mystery room. (Okay, so you won't find a hidden passageway, but a girl can dream, can't she?) Oh, and tea. There will always be tea. And super cool cups from which to drink it.

In her former life, Jacqueline was a teacher (both grade school and college-don't ask) but that’s another story. More recently she is a graduate of Ellen Hopkin's Nevada Mentor Program and a student of James Scott Bell, Christopher Vogler and Don Maass. An excerpt from Lumière earned her the 2012 Don Maass Break Out Novel Intensive Scholarship.

Lumière--A Romantic Steampunk Fantasy--her debut novel, is the recipient of an indieBRAG Medallion!!! (B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree October 15, 2014) and the winner of the 2013 LYRA Award for Best YA. 

Jacqueline loves hearing from READERS! Contact her on her website here: and be sure to sign up for her NEWSLETTER while you’re THERE! Or catch up with her on twitter @garlickbooks  or on facebook at:

Book Link:


Lumière--A Romantic Steampunk Fantasy--her debut novel, is the recipient of an indieBRAG Medallion!!! (B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree October 15, 2014) and the winner of the 2013 LYRA Award for Best YA. 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Chasing Christmas Past & Chasing the Green Fairy Win Awards! Happy Birthday Lord Byron!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and your 2015 has started off well. I wanted to share some of the wonderful things that happened for my steampunk series at the beginning of the year.

Chasing the Green Fairy, the second novel in my Airship Racing Chronicles Series, won 6th place in Best Steampunk Book of 2014 and Chasing Christmas Past, my Airship Racing Chronicles holiday short story, won 2nd place for Best Steampunk Short Story in the Preditor's and Editor's Poll!

I was really honored to see my books ranked so highly by readers. I appreciate every vote. Writing about Lily is a labor of love. I am so glad you are enjoying her story.

What's next for Lily? Here is my WIP line-up: Ink (my mermaid novella), The Shadow Aspect (Book II of my dark fantasy The Harvesting Series), then Chasing the Fog. I anticipate that I'll be done with Fog in summer 2015 which means it will be a fall publication. I already have the cover for this amazing book. Can't wait to share it with you. After a lot of debate, it looks like Fog will be the last novel in Lily's (direct) story arch . . . BUT I am cooking up a little something that MIGHT be a SERIAL and MIGHT be tentatively titled THE STARGAZER LEGACY. That looks like a 2016 project. I have names, faces, and a plot. Now all I need is time. I'm pretty sure you'll be pleased with that project. Be sure to stay tuned here and on my newsletter for details about forthcoming projects.

Happy Birthday, Byron!

Today is a special day for another reason. January 22nd is our favorite book boyfriend's birthday. Happy Birthday, George!

Still need the series? Book I, Chasing the Star Garden, is currently available for 99 cents!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

RBTL Presents a Cover Reveal for Craving Talon by Zoey Derrick

Title: Craving Talon
Author: Zoey Derrick
Series: 69 Bottles
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Erotic, LGTB, M/M/F, M/F/M, M/F, F/M , M/M
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date:  Feb 17 2015
Edition/Formats Available In: eBook & Print 
The story picks up as 69 Bottles continues their tour, riding a surge of success thanks to an impromptu duet between Talon and Addison. 
It’s a crazy turn of life for Addison Beltrand, who’s always lived to work and worked to live. Now, everything is shifted upside down—and that’s not a bad thing. Stepping on the 69 Bottles tour bus has banished the heartache of her past, and feels like a rocking new beginning. 
Talon Carver and Kyle Black couldn’t agree more. The band’s lead singer and manager are falling hard for the beautiful rock chick, and will do anything to keep her in their bed—and between their bodies—forever.
The trio’s blissful bubble is popped by a danger nobody has anticipated. The band’s security team, always watchful for fan attacks on the members, isn’t prepared for what happens to Addison during this leg of the tour. Will Kyle and Talon be able to help save Addison? Or will her fear force her to pack her bags and return to LA?

Everything hinges on her decision…
Two men. One woman. A rock band. A tour bus. One Wild Ride… 

Best Selling Author Zoey Derrick comes from Glendale, Arizona. She was once a mortgage underwriter by day and is now a paranormal, romance and erotica novelist full-time. She writes stories as hot as the desert sun itself. It is this passion that drips off of her work, bringing excitement to anyone who enjoys a good and sensual love story.

Not only does she aim to take her readers on an erotic dance that lasts the night, it allows her to empty her mind of stories we all wish were true.
 Her stories are hopeful yet true to life, skillfully avoiding melodrama and the unrealistic, bringing her gripping Erotica only closer to the heart of those that dare dipping into it. 

The intimacy of her fantasies that she shares with her readers is thrilling and encouraging, climactic yet full of suspense. She is a loving mistress, up for anything, of which any reader is doomed to return to again and again.

Places to find Zoey 

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year! What's in store for 2015? Sharing my resolutions!

I wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year. This year has been a really great one! I published Chasing the Green Fairy, Lady Macbeth: Daughter of Ravens, Midway, and my Christmas short, Chasing Christmas Past! That's a lot of words for this author. Both Lady Macbeth & my steampunk novels take a ton of research, so writing is often slow with those projects. I still wished I wrote FASTER. But, in the end, I have a full-time job, married, and the mom of a 5 & 4 year old. There are only so many hours in the day!

If you are still in the holiday spirit, my Christmas short is still available on Amazon!

What's in store for 2015? Mermaids, Zombies, Witches, & Steampunk!

Ink is my mermaid novella that will release this summer as part of a 12 author collection of Mermaid tales! Loving writing this! Status: 1/4 done.

The Shadow Aspect: The Harvesting Book II! Yes! Finally! If I write nothing else this year, my fans will have the continuation of Layla's tale. Status: 1/3 done.

Chasing the Fog is slated as my summer project! I have the cover ready and it's another beautiful piece of art from Damonza, but you won't get a look quite yet!

Things will get WITCHY around here later this year, but that's all secret for now! For those of you wondering about Lady Macbeth, that project is written but in revision. I hope to get book II out late in 2015!

Personal Resolutions?

Work/Life balance! With all this work to do, and I LOVE writing, it's hard to remember to keep things in balance. This is my number 1 resolution.

Health! As always, health is a must. I turn an unseemly age this year (nope, not telling). It is a milestone year and I seriously need to take better care of my health.

Whatever your goals, I wish you all the best! May the universe give you what's best for you!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas! FREE Steampunk Short Story

Merry Christmas!

I have a present for you! Ready to join airship racer Lily Stargazer on the eve of the 1820 Yuletide Airship Race? I wrote this sweet little short story for fans of my romantic adventure steampunk series, The Airship Racing Chronicles.

If you are new to steampunk, this will be a great series starter for you. Lily is my antihero character, but she is still loveable (even though she seems to hate herself!). Join her in a Dickens-like setting for Chasing Christmas Past! And the best thing, it's FREE on Amazon from the 22nd-26th!

FREE December 22nd - 26th!

Short Story Description:

***6,000 word short story prequel to The Airship Racing Chronicles***

Christmas Eve 1820.

At Rose’s Hopper, a popular London tavern frequented by airship jockeys, all is merry and bright—except Lily Stargazer. Lily and her crew are set to run the Christmas Day Yuletide Airship Race from London to Calais, but not before spending the night swimming in mulled wine and longing for absent lovers.

Even the prospect of a Yuletide win can't convince Lily that this Christmas will be better than any that came before. But Lily’s about to find out there really is a Father Christmas.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Midwinter's Eve Giveaway Hop

I'm so pleased to participate in the Midwinter's Eve Giveaway Hop with Bookhounds and I'm a Reader, Not a Writer again this year!

I am, admittedly, a Shakespeare nerd. Who else would do a retelling of Shakespeare's Macbeth! Hamlet will always be my favorite Shakespeare play though I am partial to Midsummer and, of course, Macbeth. I know a lot of book lovers are Shakespeare fans a well! For this giveaway, I have something to keep you warm and literary this winter!


Quote reads: This cold night will turn us all to fools and madmen.

Once a winner is drawn, I'll order the color of your choice (red, white, green, or blue!)

Shakespeare fan? You can also find my latest release here. In this saga, I am retelling Macbeth from the perspective of Lady Macbeth:

Novel Description: 

Something wicked this way comes . . . 

Gruoch is born to rule, but long before she becomes Macbeth’s queen, ancient forces claim her soul. 

Marked from birth by the old gods, Gruoch is initiated into the ancient religion of her ancestors and begins learning the mysteries of the Goddess Cerridwen. But not everything is as it seems. Soon the Battle Goddess Morrigu imposes her will, and Gruoch finds herself at the mercy of the Wyrd Sisters. 

With King Malcolm plotting, the Wyrd Sisters schooling her in arcane craft, and haunted by dreams of a raven-haired man she’s never met, Gruoch feels her fate is not her own. That is, until she meets a druid named Banquo. Gruoch’s heart is swept away when Banquo awakens something in her more powerful than duty, magic, or destiny: love. 

This retelling of Shakespeare’s classic work leads readers through an unforgettable saga of one woman struggling to escape her fate without blood on her hands. 

Giveaway Time!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Keep Hopping!

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Win a Kindle!! Jingle Bell Book Hop & Giveaways!

Welcome to the Jingle Bell Book Hop! I'm pleased to take part in this UNIQUE event with some amazing authors! The great part about this hop? Everyone gets a book AND you get a chance to win a Kindle Fire HD 6!

I moved from Pennsylvania to Florida about five years ago and it's really taken me some time to adjust to the holiday season here: shopping in shorts, Christmas at the beach, running the AC while opening gifts . . . but now I wouldn't have it any other way! No more white Christmases for me!

In our family, we started a little tradition to visit the beach every Christmas and make a sand Christmas tree kind of like this one by Coastal Inspirations. It's fun to include these little traditions that the kids love!

Now, the good stuff! Bring on the prizes:

Giveaway 1: 

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Giveaway 2:

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How to Get Your Free eBook!

In the comments below, please tell me which of my books you'd like me to stuff in your stocking and include the email address to which you'd like me to send your book. Here are your choices:

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Thank you so much for visiting! Keep hopping!!